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Want to Remove Parallels Desktop VM from My Mac: How to Do So Safely

April 26, 2017

When compared to installing Parallels Virtual Machine software suite, uninstalling the VM program requires you to stay even more aware and careful because of some possible threats to your data files. There are so many important things that you need to consider during the procedure. In case of even a small ignorance, you may have to bear on adverse consequences.

The write-up may be spelling out some scaring things, but this is the fact. There may be so many important data files and other important elements that you may possibly lose if you are removing the Parallels virtual machine program from your Mac. But, as usual, technical solutions are always there to help you in such critical situations.

I was quite upset, when I had to remove the program. Because of some reasons, I wanted to give up using Parallels - it was not due to any technical reason. Even I enjoyed the software to the fullest. While looking for some perfect technical resolutions, I came through some details at the official help page Though the technical terms were little known to me, I moved to other portals including some forum platforms. Here, I came to know about some independent solutions from several users.

Without any delay, I approached for the solutions through the most convenient procedure: toll free Parallels customer service support phone number. Amazingly, they came up with an accurate resolution without any delay. I got the software removed from my Mac successfully without any damages.

There are some important points that you should never avoid in any condition if you don’t want to endure any sorts of damages to your data files. If you are not sure about any technical procedure, you would better go for a reliable Parallels reliable support service.

On the other hand, you can also keep the original files in your Mac if you have any plan to revisit them later. Or, you can move the VM files in Trash so that you can be able to restore them in days to come if you require.    

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Fixing QuickBooks Online Duplicate Transactions

April 26, 2017

Most of the small-business owners with a small group of employees require QuickBooks online. It is more efficient for those business owners who travel usually and handle their accounting software.

Many of the satisfied customers have always been happy using QuickBooks desktop and online versions. But some have even notified some issue with QuickBooks online version.

I remember an incidence with a small- businessman, who ever use to fly out for his work. And he switched to an online version of QuickBooks from Desktop version. He was one of the businessmen I knew. For a complete year, he was satisfied using the latest version of QuickBooks. But suddenly after that, I don’t know what went wrong that, he started vomiting negatives about QuickBooks. It shocked me to hear that from his mouth. So curiously I asked him the reason behind that. He told me that all his transactions started duplicating while using QuickBooks online version. And now he had switched back to the desktop version of the accounting software.

The problem, he shared was literally disgusting, but sadly he didn’t try to get the solution of the problem. I asked him to try QuickBooks Intuit-certified support number so that he could again use QuickBooks online version. He agreed to that.

 Again, we met and I asked him if he was able to fix the problem or not. He smiled at me and said that he had fixed it permanently.

I asked him about the resource he used. He had used the help of third independent party and paid to troubleshoot the hitch. But he was not satisfied, so he used the reference provided by the third party rep. He got his difficulty closed using QuickBooks official support. To reach there he used the ladder of  which is the official website of QuickBooks.

This is how any user can use the credentials to recover the issue while using QuickBooks. Any user can get the solution easily.

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Troubleshooting Quicken log in into Intuit

April 24, 2017

My sister-in-law upgraded Quicken 2014 to Quicken H&B 2017. She was forced if she wanted to be able to download transactions. Downloading transaction is an essential ingredient for using Quicken efficiently. It was literally disgusting to see this being old user, as my family was using Quicken since 1995.

But this time the upgrade was forcing to login in into Intuit. And she didn’t like it all at, because of:

Privacy issues: as she didn’t want Intuit to know about finances.

And it was forcing her to log in with email before the automatic update starts. After multiple tries, it was not working and it kept saying that “it’s not your fault”. Well, my sister-in-law had to do some accounting tasks, so she handed me the laptop and asked to look into the matter. I tried downloading the transaction manually from bank site and when I tried to import the Intuit log in screen used to come up anyway. There was no go-around after the upgrade.

The experience which we were experiencing was very bad, as it was our information, not Intuit’s, but still, it was forcing. As no other way was left with us to proceed, I tried to go for another way – by contacting some experienced technicians.

It was a challenging task for me, but I was completely motivated by the challenge. I went to the Quicken official website and went for some idea to resolve the issue using Quicken online support. I got to know about the community support, and I posted the issue I was facing along with my email id and mobile number respectively.

And waited for a while searching for the reliable solution. Meanwhile, my phone rung, with a call from Intuit Quicken support phone number. Before I could speak anything, the representative asked me to check my email. I checked it and there was an email containing the solution to the issue I faced. I thanked the rep for that.

I used the solution to resolve the issue. Any user can use the process if they come across the problem.

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Changing Payment Information in iTunes Accounts

April 21, 2017

I realized how an inappropriate setup procedure can result in adverse consequences later on. I set up iTunes on myself with the help of some relevant details from the official page. Though the procedure didn’t have any sorts of intensive technical methods – I successfully completed the procedure. But after a few months, I confronted an issue with iTunes when I had to pay for a purchase at App Store. Because of the inappropriate setup of iTunes, I ran into an odd technical error.

Your iTunes includes a lot of details. It records your behaviors that how you use your iTunes or other Apple services. It can be termed to be a digital document wherein you leave your footprint every time whenever you either purchase or download movies and music. So, it’s an important area that you should never ignore anymore. Payment information in iTunes has always been an important area that you should keep on updating in accordance with your purchasing behaviors. On the other hand, Apple experts suggest changing the payment info in a fixed interval to ensure security to your purchases.

Looking back to some unexpected errors, I can never take a risk with my Apple ID in days to come. I always move to its official page so as to get some useful details. The technicians keep on updating the page with new information.

Subsequently, I have a reliable technician who works independently with a pool of experienced Apple technicians. I have a long association with him since the time when I got my first Apple device. You can also rely on my technician’s Apple support services to reset and recover your Apple ID password if you require a real-time solution.

What keeps me connected to my technician is his availability. His team is all-time accessible through a single phone call. They don’t mind if I dial their toll-free Apple ID support phone number even in the midnight. Alternatively, you can also try out other options as well.     

So, you don’t need to worry at all. You can have an all-time customer help from experienced technicians. But don’t forget to choose an experienced techie.   

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Fixing Synchronization Problem Occurring In Outlook

April 20, 2017

When synchronization issue occurred in my Microsoft Outlook web account, I experienced the following symptoms:

  • I saw differences or mismatches between the messages that I received in Microsoft Outlook.
  • I had an issue with Outlook when the cached mode was enabled.
  • Occasionally I received an error message when I synchronized the offline folder files in outlook with my mailbox on a server that is running.
  • I noticed that some items such as email messages, appointments, contacts, tasks, journal entries, notes, posted items, and documents were missing from my file or from my mailbox after synchronizing the file and mailbox.

The symptoms were very hard to tackle, but I had to get the solution. For that, first I searched for the root cause, the reason for the problem. I found that when these symptoms occurred the file got corrupted after synchronization.

 Now as I was aware of the synchronization problem then I was hunting for the relevant solution so that I can protect the files to get corrupted.

At that moment I was not able to see anything apart from as it was the single trustworthy ray of hope for me. So, I started looking for the solution using the official website. There I got to know about Microsoft Outlook tech support, which is also known as online support. After coming across the support, I posted the problem I was facing. There within some moment of time, I got revert from the technical support rep, who asked me for the mail ID I was using. I provided him. After some time a message hit my inbox, containing the solution for the synchronization issue.

Along with the solution, there was Microsoft Outlook customer service support phone number, to seek for any query in future. Using the support assistance, synchronization issue got resolved. Furthermore, I have now their direct contact phone number that I can use to connect with them at any point in time.

After facing the issue all I can say is the support tools really works. It will be proved once you try it.

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Resolving Norton Subscription Issue

April 20, 2017

I have used Norton security for several years. I never got disappointed by the technical aspect of services, as I have generally received good and satisfied service. But all of a sudden, one morning, I received an e-mail from the customer support that my subscription was to run out within a week but don’t worry it would automatically renew. Seeing the mail I laughed aloud and thought that the executive has gone mad.

I had not signed up for auto-renewal and I was not happy about it. I figured that I had to auto-renew and I had a bit of time to do that. I was thinking to make my mind as I had a complete month in my hand for the renewal. But suddenly I received another mail after a week stating that the money had been taken from my account for another year subscription. It totally shocked me as I didn’t sign up for auto renewal or have ever permitted anyone to access my account. It would be all right for me if they would have done that after a month as I was thinking for the next year’s subscription. But this action was really out of my tolerance.

 Without thinking about anything I called on Norton anti-virus support phone number with an angry mood. As the call got connected I rushed on the Norton tech support rep for the mail and deduction from my account. The rep asked me to calm down. He asked me to be online so that he can figure out the issue from his system. Making me wait for 5 minutes he returned back to the call. He was sorry to me to make me wait, and then he added that he was not the right person to tackle the issue. So I need to take my problem to online Norton support executive using, website.

I agreed as I had to resolve the subscription anyway. I followed the instruction according to him and I got the refund for that. I thanked online executive for the support he provided.

This way I resolved the subscription issue and never received such emails in future. This step can even help you if you follow it for resolving Norton subscription issue.

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Solving Microsoft Windows 10 Sound Problems

April 19, 2017

I have been reporting this problem to my boss about Windows 10 sound issues. It used to irritate me whenever I turn on my office laptop and every single time to pop sound use to irritate me. While using Windows 10 the worst time used to be when I use to seriously work with full concentration and the unpleasant sound use to disturb me and divert my mind from the work.

The worst part was I could not mute the sound as I had to listen to some clips while forwarding it. And every time muting the sound and again UN muting would be a hectic piece of work. I tried multiple of ways to fix the sound issue. But I failed in finding the right solution to fix sound problem.

Someone from my office was talking about his experience while resolving an issue with Windows 10; I kept quiet and listened to his story. Through his experience I could counter down the problem easily I thought. And after his story was over I instantly, searched for the official website of Microsoft and successfully I opened it using

There I got Windows 10 phone support option where I posted the sound issue. And I got a reply from the technical expert on the post. He asked me the complete description, how it started and asked me to relax and wait for some moment. The waiting time was 10 minutes. I patiently waited for the solution.

 Within some short span of time, I got the reply from the technical expert with the solution. He enclosed Microsoft Windows 10 phone number with that and told me that I can use the toll-free number if no any expert will be available for the help of web support.

 I am happy that I don’t receive any interruption of noise and irritating sound while using while using my laptop. These methods will help you resolve the sound problem with Windows 10 or other problem. 

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Windows Help: How to Resolve Slow Internet Connection

April 17, 2017

It doesn’t matter how fast internet connection you are subscribed to, you will come through some situations when the speed of your internet would cease and make you irritate unnecessarily. This is not a serious problem - provided that you take on the issue immediately. Enduring even a small issue can result in unbearable and unfixable problem in a long run.

Therefore, you should never wait for any sorts of auto-fix if the issue continues to get slowed every so often. The community pages are hugely flooded with such sorts of small issues as most if the users get confused to see the internet connection running slowly. There are indeed some basic troubleshoots, which most of the users implement, but they do hardly work for a longer. If you get through the users’ complaints on community pages, you will see how the users are getting irritated.

As I was also looking for some effective solutions for the issue, I rushed to the community platforms and scrolled down some related threads. I happened to know about all the effective resolutions that have helped Windows users reliably. But I approached to the helpdesk for Microsoft Windows tech support, as some users had suggested.

I can say there was no holdup time as the technicians were all there to help me with reliable technical resolutions. On the other hand, I could also get some relevant details on the troubleshoot procedure from the official page

After getting through all these things, I didn’t find the issue as much problematic as it creates. The first thing that you should implement is to go through: Start > Control Panel > Troubleshooting > Network and Internet > Connect to the Internet.

This is the primary step that can possibly help you get rid of the issue immediately. If you are still facing the same issue, then you should try out other options as well. For a better resolution, you can consider contacting independent technicians by dialing their toll-free Microsoft phone number for Windows customer service.  

There are so many things that can potentially hurt the internet connection on your Windows PC. So, don’t get irritated if you are not able to use internet on your computer system flawlessly. Simply contact a technician and get rid of the issue immediately.

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A Guide to Understanding Barcodes in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

April 17, 2017

As of my experiences with QuickBooks Enterprise solutions by now, I can say it’s not an easy software suite in terms of frequent issues. I had had so many occasions when I came across some sorts of technical hindrances unnecessarily while working with consumers’ reports and general entries. Though the obstacles were quite irritating and disturbing in some manners, but I handled all these things carefully, instead of freaking out over the situation.

While I had to complete all the accounting tasks before the deadline, I approached to experienced technicians and asked for QuickBooks Enterprise support center for real time help and support from certified technicians. It was really amazing to see all the hindrances disappeared immediately. And thus I could manage to meet the deadline easily.

Here I want to extend my experience to all those QuickBooks Enterprise users who may confront or are experiencing the issue. This is the way how I got the solution immediately. Although I couldn’t understand their procedure, but one thing that I happened to know that a user should never waste his time in such conditions, because an effective solution is always within the reach.

And if you want to know about the issues and protective measures that you should apply, then visit and check out some experts’ suggestions.

Some of the frequent technical issues with QuickBooks Enterprise solution are:

  • Name of your customer is not displayed
  • Transactions updated are not seen in QuickBooks Enterprise
  • Unable to update the transactions
  • Reports date doesn’t match with the actual records
  • Mismatch in Account Receivable on balance sheets
  • Vendors’ details are not seen in the vendor list

In addition to these common issues, you may also confront some additional problems based on the way how you use your QuickBooks Enterprise solutions. What I found the best with available customer support services is the promptness and accuracy in delivering their services. And their promptness in delivering support services is all sustained through their toll-free QuickBooks Enterprise help phone number.

So whatever the issue you confront while working with QuickBooks Enterprise, you can easily get through them without any hindrances. There is no reason why you should endure any sorts of technical problem if you can have a direct access to the helpdesk.

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Safari Browser In Macbook Air Safari Is Non-Functional

April 14, 2017

I am a diehard fan of Apple Mac products and am a proud user of MacBook Air. Unfortunately, my reliable Mac deceived me when I had to do an official task at a short notice. I had no idea what to do. You can blame random pages strangely being inaccessible; stale cache being delivered; constant notification warnings and dialog boxes, and slow scrolling can be blamed for a non-functional Safari. If your Safari on ipad or iPhone is not working, then the very first thing that strikes your mind should be Apple Mac support from reliable resources.

Before going for the official Apple support for MacBook Air, I consulted one of my friends who suggested me to reset all data in the browser. This can give the browser a clean slate and bring everything back to default settings. But this could result in clearing all browser history, resetting all location warnings, preferences, notifications and warning, and removal of all website data. So, I preferred not to with the same.

I tried to take direct help from for getting rid of the issue of why Apple Safari is not working on MacBook Air. This link has some Mac content resources in the form of Safari Communities (useful for finding Safari solutions from users around the world); Search for more topic (just type your problem and press enter to find the solution) and Contact Apple Support with Help me with Safari option (a great resource for having answer a few questions). If you can post your question, you will get some already published questions and answers with possible recommended solution for the problem you are facing at the moment.

There, I found suggestions and asked to go the Home Folder -> Library -> Preference and search the file I deleted it and emptied the Trash. I restarted Safari to the Within a few minutes, everything was settled in an amicable manner.

If you face such an annoying problem where Safari browser in MacBook Air Safari is non-functional, then you can also try these links for a better outcome.

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