Fixing Norton Symantec “unsecured Wi-Fi detected” Error

The Norton product now has the new feature to inform if the Wi-Fi is secured or not. Whenever the drive connects to  Wi-Fi network, then your Norton product automatically checks for the encryption level used by the Wi-Fi network and notifies you if it is insecure.

Most of the public Wi-Fi network normally use the WEP open authentication that is secure. This type of encryption has a lot of security flaws that can cause your personal information, like your network traffic to be seen. Your home network can also be flagged as unsecured if the encryption type is set to WEP.

Due to these problems with the device, you can come to get a pop-up message “unsecured Wi-Fi detected” and can lead to disturbing you simultaneously. And because of this you might get irritated and would search for the way to solve the hitch.

Many users tried lot many ways to solve the error message popping on the computer screen. But unluckily they were not able to resolve the issue. But I have the right solution, which I had experienced once, when I came across the error message issue, followed by Norton.

So at that moment, I used the search tool from where I hoped to get the reliable support. I was able to discover the right way and could reach the right solution. The way was none other than Norton live support, which helped me to provide the right support. This support could be availed from the web chat of the support website, provided by the Norton technical experts.

Apart from the web support, you can even get the Norton phone support number provided on the support website. This is an official number of Norton to provide the support to its customer. You can get the number and the web support by directly using , which will provide you the right and the most genuine support from Norton official genius.

These are the ways which can fix the Wi-Fi connection error message issue, in an easy way. And hence you can get relaxed from the Norton troubling issue.

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