Messages are Not Sent in Outlook: Here’s What You Need to Do

Are your messages in Outlook are not sent to the recipients? Don’t worry - there are some technical procedures which you can use to repair the issue in the email program.

There are so many reasons why your messages in Outlook are not sent, or they are stuck in the Outbox. But most of them are as easy to deal with as you can also take on yourself if you have some experiences. But in some rare cases, there might be some unrecognizable reasons in your Outlook email program, which you would never find easy to implement on your email program.

But you may stay away from all sorts of such problems in your Outlook email program with the help of an experienced Outlook professional who extend their assistance on the Microsoft Outlook problems and solutions at any point in time.

Possibly or largely, the key reason for such issues might be the size of messages. Your Outlook email message may be in a large size that it cannot be sent through the email. And ultimately, it goes to the Outbox folder. Though you may remove the messages to reduce the size of your Outlook, but it may not be applicable every time as it may remove some of the important messages from your Outlook email program.

But there are some solid solutions for your Microsoft Outlook email program, which will never pose to be challenging or harmful to your Outlook data files. In addition to it, you may also implement some other basic things to keep your data files in small size for always.

Before we discuss the basic things, let’s have a look at the Outlook tech support solutions to fix such irritating issues:   

Try re-sending:

Before you start any technical steps, you should try resending the stuck messages. Or you may also check out whether your computer system is properly connected to the internet.

If it is not working even when the things are all correct, then go for another step.

Check out the email settings:

Microsoft Outlook has so many personal preferences which allow you to schedule the message sending. Check out whether the rule to delay the message sending has been activated. Here, you may ask your Microsoft Outlook support professionals to assist you in tweaking the personal preferences on Outlook.

Check out the authentication with Outlook email server properly:

This is another option that you need to deal with carefully. In case of any problem with the troubleshooting process, you should never forget to access a Microsoft help desk by dialing a toll free Outlook customer service number for a real time technical solution.

In addition to these procedures, there are some advanced troubleshooting steps as well, which you might be applying on your email program if nothing of the procedures mentioned above works properly.   

Microsoft Outlook email program comes up with a slew of worth preserving fields that you should always use appropriately and accordingly as the experts recommend. On the other hand, you would better keep backing up your Outlook data files to a safe location so that the size of your files doesn’t inflate.

On the other hand, you should also try to send messages in batch in case of a large message - it will help you avoid unnecessary hurdles caused by the oversized data files.

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