Microsoft Paint To Be Scrapped Off In Next Windows 10 Update: What To Do Now

After more than 30 years, Microsoft has announced to kill off its long-standing graphic program Microsoft Paint in the next Windows 10 Update. The program is no longer unknown to the present generation as everyone might have used the program throughout their childhood, and somehow, it is one of the most convenient programs on a Windows computer that nobody might have experienced any issue with.

However, the program is now going to be obsolete in some days, and you would no longer have any sorts of official Microsoft Windows support for the same - doesn’t matter you are using the latest support edition of Windows OS.

With the Microsoft’s announcement, it is natural to get frightened for those who use the program very frequently. But you should never worry at all as there are some third party Microsoft Windows 10 help service providers you can approach for a real time solution in case of any issue with the Microsoft Paint program on your Windows 10 PC.

With the Windows 10 Update in the month of April, Microsoft had brought in a new Paint in 3D, which was really inspiring to work with. With 3D image making tools and other useful features in Paint 3D program, it promises to offer a different experience to the users.

Though the update was not flawless for some users as they got some sorts of new issues after the updates, but they could easily get rid of the challenges with Windows 10 update support from experienced technicians.

But now it would be discontinued in the upcoming Windows 10 updates.

What does it mean?

If you are a frequent user of Microsoft Paint on your Windows 10 PC and you don’t know about the consequences after the discontinuation, then, first of all, you must stop worrying about it as the discontinuation of the program refers to stopping any security updates or patches. Microsoft will not be releasing any sorts of security patches or any updates for the program in days to come. So, if you are using Microsoft Paint on your Windows 10 PC and it develops any issues, then you will no longer be able to get any sorts of official Microsoft help from technicians.

What to do in case of any issues with the program:

You don’t need to worry in any circumstances as the technical issues in Microsoft programs can also be resolved easily with the help of a reliable tech support for Windows 10 from a certified independent technician.  

Find out a certified Windows technician and ask him to assist you in resolving the issues instantly. If you look into the possible errors with Microsoft Paint, you would hardly find out any disturbing ones, however, you should never take any of the issues for granted if you rely on the program for editing images and other jpeg files on your Windows 10 computer system.

When the application was first introduced to the Windows users, it was not as much technically efficient to fulfill users’ requirements. But over the period, the Paint got some advanced tools and features that ultimately brought in some good reasons for the users to stay with the program.

The discontinuation of Microsoft paint would really be unforgettable for both the users and developers as this is the long-standing application which was never bowed down previously. Though the date has not been announced yet, you may dial a toll free Windows 10 customer service number to know more about the upcoming updates for your Windows 10 PC. 

With any discontinuation of Windows applications, you should never get worried if you are using that particular application. There is always a reliable tech support for Windows applications, which you can avail round the clock. They have a toll-free customer helpline number that helps you get connected to the help desk immediately without any interruption.

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