Resolving Norton Subscription Issue

I have used Norton security for several years. I never got disappointed by the technical aspect of services, as I have generally received good and satisfied service. But all of a sudden, one morning, I received an e-mail from the customer support that my subscription was to run out within a week but don’t worry it would automatically renew. Seeing the mail I laughed aloud and thought that the executive has gone mad.

I had not signed up for auto-renewal and I was not happy about it. I figured that I had to auto-renew and I had a bit of time to do that. I was thinking to make my mind as I had a complete month in my hand for the renewal. But suddenly I received another mail after a week stating that the money had been taken from my account for another year subscription. It totally shocked me as I didn’t sign up for auto renewal or have ever permitted anyone to access my account. It would be all right for me if they would have done that after a month as I was thinking for the next year’s subscription. But this action was really out of my tolerance.

 Without thinking about anything I called on Norton anti-virus support phone number with an angry mood. As the call got connected I rushed on the Norton tech support rep for the mail and deduction from my account. The rep asked me to calm down. He asked me to be online so that he can figure out the issue from his system. Making me wait for 5 minutes he returned back to the call. He was sorry to me to make me wait, and then he added that he was not the right person to tackle the issue. So I need to take my problem to online Norton support executive using, website.

I agreed as I had to resolve the subscription anyway. I followed the instruction according to him and I got the refund for that. I thanked online executive for the support he provided.

This way I resolved the subscription issue and never received such emails in future. This step can even help you if you follow it for resolving Norton subscription issue.

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