Safari Browser In Macbook Air Safari Is Non-Functional

I am a diehard fan of Apple Mac products and am a proud user of MacBook Air. Unfortunately, my reliable Mac deceived me when I had to do an official task at a short notice. I had no idea what to do. You can blame random pages strangely being inaccessible; stale cache being delivered; constant notification warnings and dialog boxes, and slow scrolling can be blamed for a non-functional Safari. If your Safari on ipad or iPhone is not working, then the very first thing that strikes your mind should be Apple Mac support from reliable resources.

Before going for the official Apple support for MacBook Air, I consulted one of my friends who suggested me to reset all data in the browser. This can give the browser a clean slate and bring everything back to default settings. But this could result in clearing all browser history, resetting all location warnings, preferences, notifications and warning, and removal of all website data. So, I preferred not to with the same.

I tried to take direct help from for getting rid of the issue of why Apple Safari is not working on MacBook Air. This link has some Mac content resources in the form of Safari Communities (useful for finding Safari solutions from users around the world); Search for more topic (just type your problem and press enter to find the solution) and Contact Apple Support with Help me with Safari option (a great resource for having answer a few questions). If you can post your question, you will get some already published questions and answers with possible recommended solution for the problem you are facing at the moment.

There, I found suggestions and asked to go the Home Folder -> Library -> Preference and search the file I deleted it and emptied the Trash. I restarted Safari to the Within a few minutes, everything was settled in an amicable manner.

If you face such an annoying problem where Safari browser in MacBook Air Safari is non-functional, then you can also try these links for a better outcome.

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