Solving Microsoft Windows 10 Sound Problems

I have been reporting this problem to my boss about Windows 10 sound issues. It used to irritate me whenever I turn on my office laptop and every single time to pop sound use to irritate me. While using Windows 10 the worst time used to be when I use to seriously work with full concentration and the unpleasant sound use to disturb me and divert my mind from the work.

The worst part was I could not mute the sound as I had to listen to some clips while forwarding it. And every time muting the sound and again UN muting would be a hectic piece of work. I tried multiple of ways to fix the sound issue. But I failed in finding the right solution to fix sound problem.

Someone from my office was talking about his experience while resolving an issue with Windows 10; I kept quiet and listened to his story. Through his experience I could counter down the problem easily I thought. And after his story was over I instantly, searched for the official website of Microsoft and successfully I opened it using

There I got Windows 10 phone support option where I posted the sound issue. And I got a reply from the technical expert on the post. He asked me the complete description, how it started and asked me to relax and wait for some moment. The waiting time was 10 minutes. I patiently waited for the solution.

 Within some short span of time, I got the reply from the technical expert with the solution. He enclosed Microsoft Windows 10 phone number with that and told me that I can use the toll-free number if no any expert will be available for the help of web support.

 I am happy that I don’t receive any interruption of noise and irritating sound while using while using my laptop. These methods will help you resolve the sound problem with Windows 10 or other problem. 

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