Troubleshooting Symantec Norton Warning Issue

It had become the matter of huge tension that I was getting warning messages from Norton while using my computer system. I used the internet to a higher extent and many of the time I used to neglect the warnings. Opening many websites or web pages were harmful to my computer I knew that. But, it was important to open it, so I used to open.

The worst part the illogical warnings from Norton that my computer was at a high risk if I used safer websites. I was annoyed seeing continues warning, so I wanted to fix the problem.  For the problem, I directly called the Norton customer service number and asked the support executive to provide a solution to the problem. But the executive asked me to register complain of the same then only I will be provided with the solution.

So I registered a complaint on my side, providing the executive my name, contact number, and the address. The executive asked me to wait for a day or two as it would take the time to process the complaint and provide me the solution to that.

I agreed to it, as I had faced the issue for so long, so facing the same for two more days was not a big issue for me. Within twenty-four hours I didn’t receive any complaint receiving mail. So I was worried if they will be solving Norton warning issues or not.

So I thought to try for other option, I searched for a Norton official website, but I didn’t get it. So using Microsoft website I used Symantec Norton phone support resource to connect with the technical expert. As I was using the resource suddenly, I received an email in my mailbox from Norton.

The mail contained the information to resolve the Norton warning issue I was facing. Using that, I never got unwanted warnings from Norton. I only the warning message used to come when the computer was actually at high risk.

This way can even be helpful to you if you come across the same issue.

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