What You Need to Do for Retrieving Product Keys for Parallels Desktop for Mac

A product activation key for Parallels includes 30 characters segmented into 5 blocks having 6 characters in every block. This is termed to be important for the installation process as the product key helps the server identify the product uniquely. What does it mean that you will no longer be able to install the virtual machine software program if you don’t have its product key.

However, you should never worry if you have lost the key as some technical solutions have been put in place to retrieve the lost product keys for Parallels VM. I have found so many users on the community pages where they have shared the inconveniences caused by the lost product key for parallels. At the same time, they have also come up with some sorts of recommendations that how they could manage to retrieve the lost product keys with the help of independent Parallels software support services

Though it was somehow unscientific for me to think about third-party technicians even when the official techies are available with their expertise, but I came to know about the way how they offer their expertise to help users in a better and more productive way.

Before I would approach a technician, I preferred going to the official help page to learn the procedures. It was all easy and convenient. As per the technical details mentioned there on the page, I have to log into Parallels accounts. Here once again, I got stuck with a new problem - I had forgotten my Parallels password. Consequently, I had to reset my password.

Once I regained my credentials, I logged into the account > clicked Subscriptions and Licenses > and the Personal Subscriptions. After confirming your credentials, Parallels sends an email message containing the product key. And this you can now do whatever you want to do with the product keys. But you must be ready with an option to use if you confront any sorts of technical issues while retrieving the product key. Go for an instant access to your selected helpdesk using a toll-free Parallels customer service number at any point in time.

Apart from these steps, you may use the box having codes and instructions to convert it to get the product key for your Parallels Desktop. There are some useful tips that you can use to retrieve the product key successfully.   

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